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"I am motivated, passionate...and just like everyone else... a little self conscious"

Meet Jodi Lynn and Traci, the women behind the lens and co-owners of Le Boudoir Studio. Jodi Lynn launched LBS in 2010, and Traci recently joined the team in 2016. As entrepreneurs, photographers, mothers, and part-time therapists, these #GirlBosses are changing the name of the game in the industry, with the mission to inspire self-love while empowering and inspiring confidence through boudoir and photography.

While other boudoir studios focus on sex appeal and a “do it for your man” attitude, Le Boudoir Studio takes a different approach, focusing on a greater “why.” Jodi and Traci strive to make women of all ages and sizes feel empowered, not for a man, or someone else – but for themselves.

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"Feeling empowered and beautiful is the best feeling to me!"

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"Jodi, Traci, and their team are AMAZING. I have had the opportunity to have two shoots done here with both Traci and Jodi, and they are both such special people. You can truly tell that they care and love what they do, and it shows in their work! I have never felt so comfortable and beautiful in my life!"

- raquel

"I wish I could give Le Boudoir Studio TEN STARS!! About a month or so ago, I had the absolute PLEASURE of spending an afternoon with the very talented Ladies at Le Boudoir Studio, and all I have to say is ..... WOW, WOW, WOW! The Ladies (every single one of them!!) at Le Boudoir Studio are amazing and made me feel comfortable, beautiful and very sexy."

- deb

"This was absolutely one of the best decisions I could have made to come here. My original intent was to get these pictures for my future husband, but it turns out it was a great experience for me. Through her picture taking, she has a way of boosting your self-confidence and self-worth.  I also appreciated the privacy of the session. They do everything they can to provide comfort and quality. Thank you!"

- kaylene

"What an amazing experience! I had the best time with Jodi and her crew. I've never felt more pampered or felt so beautiful. From the initial phone call, to my hair and make up, and photo shoot, to the viewing and picking up my photos, it was an A+ experience. The photos turned out beautifully, and I got the reaction from my husband that I was hoping for. Thank you so much for bringing out my inner bombshell!"


"My husband and I have seven children, and I have had 5 of our kids biologically, so needless to say, my body has gone through some changes. I was hesitant and nervous about posing for intimate photos (this was a first for me), but I knew it would be something my sweetheart would cherish. From the first moment I entered Le Boudoir Studio, the ladies there made me feel completely comfortable. The whole experience was positive and surprisingly liberating. The photos were stunning. My husband literally wept when he saw them!"


She Said...

do you airbrush the photos?

is boudoir for me?

As your photographers, we will be coaching you and posing you to accentuate your best features. This is all about YOU feeling comfy and sexy so we will work together to make sure that happens! We will be instructing you on where to look, where to put your hands/feet; the whole thing! We will never expect you to pose yourself. We've photographed many women and know how to make you look your best. We want you to have the supermodel experience, but will never expect you to work it. We're here working with you and for you. We will laugh and you will have an amazing experience! Whether you want to do a playful sweet set, semi-nude or tastefully implied nudity we guide you the whole way through your sets.

how will i know how to pose?

We have amazing editing and airbrush tools that we will use to edit your photos after all is said and done. Our expert team has been carefully trained to retouch your entire print order including blemishes, skin softening, bags under the eyes etc. Please know that we will never edit your body unless there is something that shouldn't be there like a bulge because of an outfit constraint; like a bra strap. We want you to look as natural as possible; after all, no one is Barbie, but we could all use a little skin softening sometimes! Don't worry it will be our little secret *wink

Feeling nervous is completely normal! The fun part of the boudoir experience is that it really is for the everyday woman! We believe confidence is the number one key to getting what you want out of life; a woman plus confidence watch out! Whether your shoot is for that special someone or simply for your eyes only; you will never regret the end result! We have so much fun with you during the day of the shoot and once you see your bombshell pictures; you'll be so happy you did this! Boudoir is for EVERY woman.

what should I wear?

There are two options:
THE IDEAL OPTION: We only hold your spot after deposit is received 
Call us at the studio (480) 495-5455 with your credit card information and we will run it with you over the phone (easy peasy!)


You can book straight through our site! 

how do i pay my retainer?

Please wear something loose and comfortable to our studio. We also recommend not wearing undergarments because the elastic causes redness on the skin. Robes are also great to bring to cover up between sets. We DO NOT recommended SPF lotions on your face as it can cause your skin to look greasy. On the other hand, we DO recommend regular body lotion to make sure your skin in smooth and moisturized. Remember it’s an all ladies' studio, so come fresh, clean and comfy…leave the transformation stuff to us!

should i get a spray tan?

Absolutely not! We love natural skin!

If you feel more comfortable with a natural tan please try and avoid getting tan lines. Also, burned or peeling skin is not sexy and is very hard to edit.

For spray tans or self tanner, we definitely do not recommend the use of either one. If you opt to use either a spray tan or self tanner; you may forfeit the use of certain sets for risk of the solution bleeding on to our beautiful sets. Please note that spray tans and self tanner do not photograph well in most cases.

should i get my nails done?

Please bring at least four or five outfits, accessories, heels or props you would like to use for your shoot. We always recommend “over packing” for your shoot too! You never know what you will feel best in the day of and we are here for advice; we love playing dress up!

Examples of what to bring include: lingerie, clothing (optional *wink), heels, stockings, panties (black works well), supportive bra(s), jewelry, props (such as a guitar or jersey), oh yeah and don’t forget to bring your saucy side…this is going to be one of the most fun experiences you’ve ever had!

what should i bring with me?

Your nails will most likely be in some shots, so please make sure that if you do not get a manicure/full set beforehand that your nail polish is not chipped. We would recommend French manicures for hands and toes as it is classic and will not distract from you or your outfits.

If you prefer a color, we would recommend a more natural/nude color to ensure it does not clash.

Come on ladies, who needs an excuse to get a mani/pedi anyway?

At Le Boudoir Studio we specialize in tasteful boudoir photography and making you feel confident and empowered. We shoot for every woman whether that means you are a size 0 or plus size gal we are here for you. From booking your session online, to coming in to get glam-med up with our expert hair and makeup stylists and onto your shoot throughout the process you will feel pampered. We are here to make sure that this experience is one of a kind, one that you will cherish throughout your life.





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Jodi and Traci focus getting to know each of their clients personally. From the time their clients book until they receive their prints, Jodi and Traci take the extra step to help promote self-love and true worth. More than a photo shoot, the Le Boudoir Studio experience is a one-of-a-kind transformation that lasts longer than just the shoot and extends beyond the photos.

Your Vegas Session and how it works! 
Jodi Lynn Loves her home town Las Vegas so we have continued to photograph all of our amazing clients in one of our Favorite Vegas Hotels. The hotel will be chosen before your session by us so we can make sure we have adequate room and lighting to make your session perfect! 
Once you choose your date and time it is very hard to change it. Our deposits are 50% of your package since we book the hotel so any reschedule results in a $200 fee.

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Based in Arizona with select dates available for Las Vegas hotel boudoir sessions.

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