Traci is...

a mom, a wife, a girlboss...

I am a goal driven, passionate and creative woman and love what I do. I build up women's self confidence while empowering them to feel their best and know that they are worth it. We shoot for women so that they can feel good in their own skin. We are all flawed and no one is perfect, but when we make them feel amazing just the way they are it is the best feeling ever!

I am a mother of 3 children (2 sons and 1 daughter), I teach my sons the importance of treating women with respect and consideration and I teach my daughter to love herself for everything that she is. 

Our society is hard enough on self confidence and I truly believe that it starts with children. 

Our Boudoir photography gives women the confidence for themselves to feel like they can take on the world and feel good about themselves every step of the way.

Building women's confidence and self-love through our boudoir photography is the best feeling in the world